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2020 Annual Report

Due to the Covid-19 Emergency the Annual General Meeting has been cancelled. However, as this meeting is a procedural meeting, it has been decided to update members via our website.

1. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 15th April 2019
If you wish, Please download from the AGM 15 April 2019 link on the 'Meetings' page

2. Chairman's Report:
Sadly, since 1st April 2019, twelve of our long-standing members have passed away:

Derek Robinson, Steven Crawford, Ian Courtenay, Nev Wilkinson, Ian Denial, Ken Briggs, Trevor Ryalls, Tony Struggles, Cyril Booker, Rod Mansell, Alan (Wally) Armeson, and Pete Riggall.

Our condolences have been sent their families, and a £20 donation has been made to their requested charity.

3. Secretary's Report:
Currently there is no Branch Secretary

4. Treasurer’s Report:
Sheffield and Rotherham Current Membership:
I am pleased to report that since 1 April 2019, Andrew Parker, Karl Jones, Lee Cooper, Paul Reddington and Simon Rodgers have joined the NARF Sheffield and Rotherham Branch as full members.

As of 01 April 2019, our membership records show 290 members, 7 less than last year. (This figure does not include 2 honorary members).

Barnsley and Doncaster currently have 182 members, giving a South Yorkshire total of 472 members, plus 2 honorary members.

2019 Balance Sheet:
The Audited Balance Sheet for the NARF financial year ending 31st December 2019 is downloadable via this link: Balance 2019

National Membership:
As of 17 December 2019 NARF had 7,128 members.

State pension payments are expected to rise by 4% from April 2020, due to an increase in earnings growth.

Information from the Office for National Statistics showed that earnings growth for the year to July stood at four per cent, well above the other measures used to calculate state pension increases under the UK’s 'triple lock' calculation system.

The triple lock guarantees that the state pension increases by whichever figure out of earnings growth, price inflation or 2.5%, is highest over the course of the year.

Although the CPI price inflation figure for the year to September will not be announced until mid-October, it is not expected that any last minute surprises that would result in a figure higher than four per cent.

Inflation fell in August to 1.7%, down from 2.1% the previous month. Therefore, it is predicted that the Fire Service Pension will rise by 1.7% in April 2020.

7. Election of Officials
The following Branch Members have agreed to stay in post until April 2021:

Chair:           Mick Hurst
Secretary:    Vacant
Treasurer:    Ted Mullins
Auditors:     Alan Liversidge and Douglas Binnington

8. Website:
Presently to website costs £32.49p per year for the hosting service and domain name. During last year the website has been updated with current information, and it is our hope it is still of some benefit to our members.

9. Change of Addresses:
This continues to be a problem both nationally and locally. It is understandable that members think that when they inform SY Payroll of their address change, that we are informed. However, this is not the case, and we are unaware of a change of address until their copy of NARF News is returned, undelivered to the National Membership Secretary.

10. Showroom and Workstation
Our thanks go Mark Farnsworth and staff at the Showroom and Workstation for allowing us to hold our meetings on their premises, to those members who attend our meetings, and to those members who may not attend meetings, but continue to support our Association financially. We can only hope that all stay safe over the forthcoming months.

11. Date, time and venue of the next Annual General Meeting
It is proposed that the 2021 AGM is to be held on Monday, 19th April, on the same night as the Ordinary Branch Meeting. The time and venue will be decided at a later date.

We can only add that we hope you all stay safe during this extraordinary and worrying period in our island's history.

Download a copy of these minutes from here.

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